Importance of Your Instagram Image
The image that an Instagram account presents for a company, business or individual is crucial for how many followers it will attract, how many people will share the account’s posts and how many people will continue to follow the account. As sighted in previous blogs for this website, Pew Research Center finds that 32 percent of at least 1,500 participants use Instagram on a regular basis. A healthy image is the factor that will help an Instagram account gain more followers.

Maintain a positive image
To gain more followers on an Instagram account, the company, business, service or individual needs to maintain a healthy and positive image; most importantly, a natural one. An active social media account can be one tool that benefits one’s overall level of success and attract new customers.

An article on titled, Measuring The Impact Of Social Media On Your Business, written by Christine Moorman and other contributors, tackles the benefits and challenges with social media. Moorman writes that professionals should “also consider the Cost of Ignoring (COI) social media,” along with the cost of investing a professional social media service.
While it is easy to assume that social media activity is not worth the money, professionals may not realize how powerful and effective an online presence can be for a professional. However, the company may need to have someone with prior knowledge of how social media accounts work online help promote the company’s account.

 Professional account from a professional service
At instaBank, we understand how to effectively generate healthy growth on a client’s Instagram account and the amount of followers. We have the knowledge and tools to spread a client’s reach via Instagram, promoting the client’s company, service or product. We can ensure that a client’s Instagram account has a positive image and continues to thrive with current and new followers. Professionals who do not understand Instagram, may have trouble gaining followers for the account.

At instaBank, we can help clients gain a positive image that effectively promotes the client and gains followers in the process. We offer several packages that range and size and cost for clients of all professions. If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any other questions, contact us through our website.
Written by Nick Adams, Content Writer

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