See what some of our clients are saying about us!
Frostee Rucker: Defensive End for the Arizona Cardinals
As a profession athlete, Instabank has provided a very reliable online marketing platform to build my brand awareness and fan following on Instagram. They have single-handedly helped connect my NFL fans to my Instagram account, helping to create a continually growing fan base and therefore providing me greater sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. There is no way that I would have had the time or knowledge to do the stellar job they are doing month in and month out. Thanks InstaBank!
Nataly Young: Owner at Great Dane Baking Co in Los Alamitos, California
I don’t believe anyone else is doing what they can do. instaBank has helped my wedding business tremendously! I know these numbers best as I deal primarily with brides, and 6 out of 10 brides that come in, tell me they found us from Instagram, which is unbelievable.
Alexandria Krohn: Digital Marketing Strategist in Los Angeles, California
I work in advertising and use Instabank for an Instagram account I manage. The account has had more organic, community-based growth with Instabank than with any other tool. We are in a digital era where advertising through tv or billboard are antiquated and most promotion is done through social media. Whether you are promoting a personal brand or business, social media will improve accessibility to your audience. The problem is the whole world knows this, and that's why I use Instabank.
Aside from the product, the team is great to worth with. Overall it's the best experience I've had with a tool like this.
Jerry Taylor: Owner at Jerrys Jigs in Newcastle, Texas
I've been in web design over a decade and Instabank is the FIRST legitimate service I've come across that truly helps people gain real organic users while still bringing in new customers. (on any social platform). I was reluctant to trust this type of service initially but am now on my 6th month with instabank and couldn't be happier. This marketing firm is genuinely in a class of their own. A highly recommended service!
Caleb Mossembekker: Owner at Caleb John Art in Ventura, California
instaBank has made such a difference for me. As an artist, it is a constant struggle not just to create but to share your creations with the world. These guys have successfully put my work in front of the world and they do the same for so many artists, musicians, photographers etc. Big thanks to the instaBank team.
Jacob Street: Owner at Cocobands in Manchester, United Kingdom
I worked with them last month on a trial basis. I have trialed a couple of other similar services but Instabank delivered by far the best results. I am now setting up a monthly account with them and look forward to seeing the same results.