Why is Social Media Branding important? Ever been told by “you need to go eat at this place!” and when you try to find it you are at an utter loss? You look around, wander down the block, you think to yourself,

“Where am I? There can’t possibly be something edible on this industrial dirty city street…” Yet you do smell something tasty in the air. You turn a corner and see it, the hole in the wall the smell is coming from. There’s newspaper balled up and stuffed in the windows. Why? The sign is yellowed from age and looks as though it hasn’t been illuminated in years. The guy behind the grill is sweating profusely and you really question the sanitation practices here.

“But it’s supposedly the best meal in the city.” You say to yourself…

Well, your product or content can be good, it can be really good, and only the few people who get told about it or venture out to find will ever know it and come back for more.

You have to be desirable. It’s just like when you are newly single and feeling yourself. You want to strap on the sexy boots, walk down the street with your model strut, and show the world how great and new you feel. So if your business was a beautiful woman, wouldn’t you want her to be feeling herself? Out and about in the world, making moves and kicking ass?

That is what social media branding is for you. It is your image, your persona, but more than that it’s your calling card, your handshake to the millions of people around the world who are and will be interested in you and your product.

Strong personal social media branding is like a strong handshake. No one likes a limp handshake.

There are over 2 billion people globally that have multiple social media accounts. You want them to find you, and like you, and want more of you. It’s that simple.

So sit down, grab a journal o some computer paper and start mapping out your look. What are your color schemes, fonts, design ideas? Start asking yourself what it looks like to look good to the demographic you want to attract.

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Anastasia Kaufman
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