Don’t Have an Identity Crisis: Self-Branding
You have the idea for a business or the product you want to advertise. Now you just need the brand. In starting your own business, self-branding is a crucial step toward success and reaching a large number of clients. If you jump into the world of social media without a clear and concise picture of what your brand will be, then you will have more difficulty expanding. We have the services to customize a marketing plan for your Instagram account.
Know your brand
While people may experience difficulty with discovering their identity multiple times in life, a business on an Instagram account does not want to go through the same soul-searching process. The personal brand of any business or Instagram account is similar to a promise with the customer, client or follower. They visit the Instagram page expecting a specific level of activity, commitment, interaction and in some cases, entertainment.

To achieve this, one needs to know what the brand is. Self-branding is not just a company name or logo, but the first thing that people will see when they visit the Instagram account. Understanding one’s brand will help to understand one’s goals and the target demographic to reach.

With self-branding online with an Instagram account, the account needs commitment and consistency. Once an individual begins professionally offering services and interacting with clients on Instagram, he or she cannot stop. If there are periodic posts or constant changes to the brand, clients are going to move away from that Instagram page due to the inconsistency. Having a solid brand online will also help reach people who do not already know about the business.
Reaching people who do not know you
With self-branding, an Instagram page can become a hub of activity for current followers and with new people who are visiting the page for the first time. Establishing a brand for the company will help more people come to understand what the business is about and follow the Instagram page. Instagram can help attract large numbers of new customers by following the likes and shares of current customers.
We can help establish one’s brand on Instagram.

At instaBank Marketing, we will help you take your Instagram account and establish your brand with other people who you may not normally reach online. We can help ensure that the brand expresses everything you are about to your target demographic and other viewers online. For more information or answers to any questions, contact us through the website.

Written by Nick Adams, Content Writer

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