Organic Instagram Marketing Service

Organic Instagram Marketing Service


Consultation call with an Instagram Marketing Specialist

  • Before your marketing and production campaign begins, one of our Instagram marketing specialists will conduct a phone consultation with you to educate you on the best strategies for your account and campaign. Our marketing experts will analyze your account and current targeted demographic to help determine the best marketing strategy for you.

Strategic Push Marketing Campaign

  • An instaBank team member will push your Instagram account in front of 100,000+ potential new customers and fans through our proprietary marketing techniques. We have the ability to create a viral buzz through your account to ensure that your content is constantly being shown in the explore page and on the tops of relevant hashtags. In addition our team will drive real organic traffic to your page by liking targeted photos on your behalf 20-22 hours per day for 30 days. The pictures we like on your behalf are all based on the demographic you are trying to reach. Our team has developed a way to organically boost your videos to the masses. We use our own marketing techniques to push your account in front of a targeted audience at the most optimal times of user engagement.

Demographic research and analysis

  • In addition to researching and developing a marketing strategy for your account, instaBank allows you to tell us who your target demographic is and what audience are you trying to reach? We can help you narrow down and choose best targeted audience.


  • Our Team of experts can market your account to specific Geo tags such as cities, states, famous landmarks, and other places of interest to help increases your local traffic.

Track Account Progression

  • Receive a report showing your account’s growth at the end of each campaign.

Account Support

  • We offer 24/7 Tech Support

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