While the Internet gives an Instagram account or business a large range of customers from all over, there are benefits to reaching possible online users locally. By reaching local online users, this gives an individual the opportunity to bring more people together for live events or bring more business into the original location of the company. Geo-targeting is an excellent tool for anyone interested in increasing their online traffic.

More than just online business
Geo-targeting involves the simple process of reaching out to online users in the local area, delivering web-based content to them. For an individual with an Instagram account who wishes to reach others locally, geo-targeting is crucial. However, it can be difficult to reach said clients or followers without using gimmicky ads or content that the online users will not want to follow.

While the Instagram account of an individual or company strives to reach a target demographic, the hope is also to reach others who are not within the target demographic. Reaching other potential followers outside of a demographic will help to continue gaining the business or individual more online traffic. An individual or a company wants to be authentic, sharing and posting content that reflects the Instagram account’s ideals to users.

If an individual comes off as too gimmicky or fake, people will turn away. A strong following within the local area of the Instagram account can help to boost traffic and potential success for the account. Creating a local following can also help a company reach out and increase business in the company’s city of origin.

Local traffic without ads
At instaBank Marketing, we can increase local geo-targeting without flooding an account with ads or content that annoys and pushes people away. We will get our client’s Instagram account on the feeds of authentic users and share what our client’s Instagram account stands for. We can create specific geo-tags for our client’s profile, such as:

  • Cities
  • States
  • Famous landmarks
  • Other places of interest

The overall goal is to generate a connection with areas and places that connect with users online. Clients can truly personalize their Instagram accounts with geo-targeting and build a stronger localized following. By using geo-targeting, other possible Instagram followers can relate to our client’s Instagram account more closely.

Geo-targeting is only one part of the possible services we offer our clients through multiple packages to help enhance their Instagram account. For more information or any questions, contact us through our website.

Written by Nick Adams, Content Writer

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