Breaking the inner circle: Social Media Marketing
Over the last 10 years and into the future, it seems that social media continues to have new uses to promote a company. While some choose to believe that social media platforms for businesses and professionals are not effective in reaching a solid base of online users, they would be surprised to realize the opposite is true. In fact, social media is becoming a more crucial aspect or marketing to young adult clients.

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Various forms of social media can have both a positive and negative effect on a business. From long blog posts upwards of 700 words to a single picture posted on Instagram, active social media use can heavily impact one’s success. The Pew Research Center finds in 2016, about 32 percent of over 1,500 adult users were actively posting and consuming content on Instagram.

While the study finds that Facebook remains the highest-used social media platform, 79 percent of participants, Instagram still ranks higher than other social media platforms. For a company or individual interested in reaching a larger number of online consumers, Instagram is an effective medium to use.

Posts on Instagram do not necessarily need a large amount of text to send users a message. The most important part is engaging and remaining interactive with online users.

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While an Instagram account needs to post on a regular basis, the account also needs a healthy and natural amount of activity with followers and online users. Followers will lose interest in an Instagram page if the page has a lack of posts, likes or overall activity. One mistake professionals may make, is creating the Instagram account and then barely using it. The lack of use will push possible clients and followers away since they may believe the page is fake.

An Instagram page that has an active presence will help display the company’s/Individual’s interest in engaging followers, desire to reach new clients and attention to sharing information about the account to others (From deals and discounts to announcing a new event). At instaBank Marketing, we can help an Instagram account reach other people that may not normally view the account. Our goal is to help clients display a healthy level of activity and bring in more followers through organic and natural means.

If you are interested in using instaBank Marketing services for your business or individual Instagram account, contact us through our website.

Written by Nick Adams, Content Writer

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