User Spotlight @grandmasterchefjojo

instaBank interview with @grandmasterchefjojo Joseph is a professional chef, with finger tats and an eye for an impeccable meal. His Instagram is fun, high quality, creative food, tattoos and rap beats. His photos are bright, clear, beautiful, and very sensual. His descriptions allow you to imagine the flavors of what he has created; flavors which (in the taste buds of my mind) range from elevated stoner munchies (like the Luther Burger) to edgy and sophisticated….

Interview with Frostee Rucker of the Arizona Cardinals

In the internet world of tech and computers, human connection tends to get lost upon the numbers, analytics and conversion rates. That’s why I find it important to be able to communicate the connection between people helping people, and honest businesses making money from each other. The team at instaBank are of course business men at the end of the day, but their goal is to be able to add more value to other’s lives….

Do’s & Don’ts of Instagram Marketing

Do’s & Don’ts of Instagram Marketing Do a Google search for the posting faux-pas, and hoards of Instagram Marketing guru’s will tell you completely contradicting things. Here is our list of what we deem important to keep in mind when branding yourself on Instagram. DO Knowing when the optimal time to post a picture can be a crucial component to the growth of your following. I’ve read that for some reason posting Wednesday at 6pm…